Healthcare Guide for Erasmus Students in Prague

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Are you an Erasmus student about to embark on an exciting adventure in Prague, Czech Republic? It’s essential to know how to take care of your health while you’re away from home. Prague offers excellent medical care for both locals and international students. Here’s a simple guide to help you navigate the healthcare system in Prague:


1. Insurance


For Students from EU/EEA Countries and Switzerland:

If you have valid health insurance in your home country, apply for the EU Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card grants you access to necessary state-provided healthcare during your temporary stay in the Czech Republic. Remember, EHIC isn’t a substitute for travel insurance and doesn’t cover private healthcare or additional costs like a return flight or lost property.


For Students from Countries Outside the EU:

Citizens of select countries and specific programs may be exempt from medical travel insurance requirements. However, most international students staying in Czechia for more than 90 days must purchase comprehensive health insurance coverage with a minimum limit of EUR 60,000. You’ll need to provide proof of this insurance when applying for your visa. Ensure your coverage is exclusively from the company Pojišťovna VZP, a.s.


2. English-Speaking Medical Care

In case of a medical emergency, dial 112. Here are some English-speaking medical facilities in Prague:

Motol University Hospital

  • Ambulance services
  • English-speaking center for foreigners (“Cizinecká ambulance”)
  • Phone: +420 224 438 577
  • Address: V Úvalu 84, Praha 5
  • You can make an appointment to avoid long waiting times.
  • Office hours:
    • Mon, Tue, Thu: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    • Wed: 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM
    • Fri: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Visit their website

Military University Hospital Prague – Střešovice

  • 24/7 English-speaking information desk: +420 973 208 333 (they will guide you to the right person)
  • Address: U Vojenské nemocnice 1200, Praha 6
  • Includes ambulance services
  • Military University Hospital Prague website

Doctor Prague – Health center Prague

  • Address: Vodičkova 699/28, Praha 1 – Nové Město
  • Appointments: +420 224 220 040 (Mon–Fri 8:30 AM–5:00 PM)
  • 24-hour contact numbers:
    • +420 603 433 833
    • +420 603 481 361
  • All doctors speak English, and some also speak other foreign languages.
  • Visit their website

You can also use this healthcare facilities finder to locate English-speaking medical facilities.


3. Pharmacies

For common ailments like flu or colds, you can purchase over-the-counter medicines in pharmacies without a prescription. Look for pharmacies with a green cross displayed over the shop-front; many have English-speaking staff. If you can’t visit a pharmacy, you can use delivery services like Check out the list of 24-hour emergency pharmacies in Prague.


4. Helpful Czech Words for Healthcare

In case you encounter healthcare staff who don’t speak English, here are some useful Czech words:

  • Ache/pain: Bolest
  • Allergy: Alergie
  • Bleeding: Krvácení
  • Broken: Zlomený
  • Burn: Popálení
  • Constipation: Nadýmání
  • Cramps: Křeče
  • Cough: Kašel
  • Diarrhea: Průjem
  • Dizziness: Závrať
  • Fever: Horečka
  • Injury: Úraz
  • Nausea: Nevolnost
  • Poisoning: Otrava
  • Painful: Bolestivý
  • Rash: Vyrážka
  • Shock: Šok
  • Sneezing: Kýchání
  • Sunstroke: Úžeh/úpal
  • Unconsciousness: Bezvědomí
  • Vomiting: Zvracení

With this information at your fingertips, you can enjoy your Erasmus experience in Prague with confidence, knowing that your health is in good hands. Don’t forget to explore this beautiful city and make the most of your time abroad!

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