Housing for Erasmus Students in Prague: Your Ultimate Guide

Finding Your Perfect Home Away from Home

Housing for Erasmus Students in Prague: Your Ultimate Guide

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So, you’ve secured your spot to study in Czechia – that’s fantastic news! Now, let’s dive into the exciting quest of finding your ideal student accommodation. Don’t wait around; the earlier you start, the better. Your university is your trusty starting point, and they’ve got options that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re looking for a social hub or a cozy corner, Czechia has something for everyone.


1. Student Dormitories: Where Social Meets Savings

If you’re all about mingling and keeping expenses in check, student dormitories are the way to go. Here’s the lowdown:

Availability: Public Czech universities do offer dorms, but they fill up quickly. Hit up your university’s website or reach out to your study program coordinator for details.

Room Types: You can roll solo in a single room, but shared rooms are common. These dorms usually resemble apartments, with two double rooms sharing a small kitchen and bathroom. Basic furnishings like a bed, desk, chair, and even a little fridge are provided. But don’t forget to add your personal touch with rugs, cushions, and some greenery.

Monthly Rent: The best part? Budget-friendly monthly rents start at approximately EUR 150 – 200 for shared rooms and EUR 190 – 260 for single rooms. This includes utilities and Wi-Fi. Sometimes, universities even offer grants to ease the financial load.

Private Universities: If you’re attending a private university, they might not have their own dorms, but they can point you towards private student residences. These are more modern and convenient, but expect to pay around EUR 400 – 600 monthly.

2. Sharing or Renting a Flat: Your Space, Your Way

If dorm life doesn’t quite match your style, consider sharing a larger apartment with fellow international students or renting your very own pad once you’re feeling like a local pro. Here’s the scoop:

Finding a Place: Look no further than campus bulletin boards and Facebook groups. There are also handy housing portals to explore, such as Student-room-flat.com, Forstudents.cz, Flatio.com, Sreality.cz, Bezrealitky.com, Expats.cz, Foreigners.cz, and eSpolubydleni.cz.

Rent Costs: Rent varies depending on the apartment’s size and location. Sharing a flat can significantly reduce your expenses. Just keep in mind that rent typically doesn’t cover utilities like electricity, heating, water, and trash. You might shell out around EUR 420 – 750 for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center or EUR 500 – 1,000 in the heart of the city. If you’re after a three-bedroom place, plan for about EUR 630 – 1,500 outside the city center or EUR 730 – 1,900 downtown (based on March 2023 averages in Czechia, according to Numbeo).

Pro-tip: check out the Accommodation tab on our website – it will help you easily  find apartments or flat share in Prague based on your preferences & budget! (English friendly)


3. Helpful Tips for a Smooth Housing Journey

Before you embark on your Czech adventure, here are a few key pointers to keep in mind:

  • Documents: Don’t forget to gather proof of accommodation when applying for a long-term visa or residence permit.
  • Dorm Life Perk: If you choose to live in a dorm, you’ll be automatically registered with the Czech Foreign Police through the housing office. No extra steps required!

Now that you’re armed with this housing know-how, it’s time to make your study abroad experience in Czechia even more amazing. Find the place that suits you best, settle in, and get ready for an incredible journey!

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