Part-Time Jobs for Erasmus Students in Prague: The Ultimate Guide

Part-Time Jobs for Erasmus Students in Prague: Where to Look and How to Apply

Part-Time Jobs for Erasmus Students in Prague: The Ultimate Guide

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Hey there, Erasmus adventurers! Living in a new city like Prague is thrilling, but it’s even better when you can earn some extra cash while studying. In this guide, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of finding part-time jobs in Prague – where to look and how to land that gig.

1. Czech Language Skills: Is It Necessary?

Before we dive in, you might be wondering if you need to speak Czech to snag a job. Good news! Many part-time jobs in Prague, especially in the service industry and at multinational companies, don’t require fluency in Czech. English-speaking jobs are quite common.

2. Check University Bulletin Boards

Start your job hunt right on campus. Many universities in Prague have bulletin boards where local businesses post part-time job openings. Keep an eye out for flyers, posters, or announcements in common areas.

3. University Career Services

Your university’s career services office is a goldmine for job opportunities. They can help you find internships, part-time jobs, or even connect you with local employers who are open to hiring international students.

4. Online Job Portals

Prague has several job portals where you can find part-time gigs. Websites like,, and are great places to start. Simply create an account, upload your resume, and start browsing.

5. Social Media Groups

Facebook groups can be incredibly helpful. Join local expat and student groups, where job listings are often shared. Search for groups like “Erasmus Prague Jobs” or “Part-Time Jobs for Students in Prague.”

6. Language Schools

If you’re a native English speaker or proficient in another language, consider teaching. English language schools are always on the lookout for qualified instructors, and this can be a rewarding part-time job.

7. Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants

Prague’s bustling hospitality industry offers numerous opportunities. Drop off your CV or inquire in person at bars, cafes, and restaurants. It’s a great way to earn money and meet locals.

8. Supermarkets and Retail Stores

Big supermarket chains like Tesco, Billa, and Albert often hire international students for various roles. Check their websites or visit local stores to inquire about openings.

9. Language Apps

If you’re multilingual, you can explore online tutoring or translation services. Platforms like iTalki, Preply, or Upwork allow you to offer language lessons or translation services.

10. Networking

Don’t underestimate the power of networking. Attend local events, connect with other students, and strike up conversations with locals. You never know where you might hear about job opportunities.

11. Legal Requirements

Before you start working, make sure you have the necessary work permits and legal documentation. Your university’s international office or the Czech Labor Office can provide guidance.

12. Crafting Your CV

Tailor your CV to match the job you’re applying for. Highlight any relevant skills or experiences, and don’t forget to include your contact information.

13. Prepare for Interviews

If you land an interview, be prepared. Dress professionally, research the company, and be ready to discuss your qualifications and availability.


So there you have it, Erasmus explorers – a comprehensive guide to finding part-time jobs in Prague. Remember, persistence pays off, and networking can open doors. Good luck with your job search, and enjoy your time in this beautiful city!


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