Your Simple Guide to Opening a Student Bank Account in the Czech Republic

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Hey, fellow Erasmus students! 🌍 Managing your money while studying abroad is crucial, and opening a bank account in the Czech Republic is easier than you think – it’s as simple as ordering pizza! 🍕

What You Need:

To kickstart your money-saving journey, you only need two things: your passport and another ID (like a driver’s license). Seriously, that’s it! And don’t forget your ISIC card (the one from your Czech University) – it’s your magic key to open a Student Bank account right away. ✨

Oh, and you’ll need to put a bit of money into your account, but it’s not a fee, just a starting deposit. The amount can vary, but 200 CZK (around 7.2 Euros) is the most common.

Watch Out for Monthly Costs:

Here’s the deal: unlike banks in many other places in Europe, Czech banks often charge a fixed monthly fee and fees for different transactions. So, as a smart student, opening a bank account can help you avoid unexpected costs on your bank statement. Money in your pocket! 💰

Choosing the Right Bank:

Now, let’s talk choices. Prague has many banks, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. But here’s a tip – it can be easier if you go to branches in the city center. Simple!

And guess what? We’ve got two great options for student accounts:


  1. Komerční Bank – KB:

  • Product Name: Package G2.2 + MojeBanka (Internet Banking)
  • Account Benefits:
    • Free account management and internet banking
    • No fees for money coming in
    • 19 CZK for money going out (with a 50% discount for e-payments and Mobile Banking)
    • No charge for using your credit card
    • 4 CZK for statements (if electronic)
    • 200 CZK per year for cards (about 17 CZK per month) 

Extra Goodies:

  • Get +333 CZK in September just by using your card at an ATM or for topping up your mobile.
  • Have an ISIC card? You’ll get an extra CZK 200 – just show it to the bank when you open your account.

More Info: KB Student Account

  1. ČSOB – Československá Obchodní Banka:

  • Product Name: Student Account Plus + Internet Banking 24
  • Account Benefits:
    • Free account management and internet banking
    • No fees for money coming in
    • No charge for money going out
    • Free credit card use
    • Free statements (if electronic)
    • Cards are totally free for students

More Info: ČSOB Student Account Plus

Final Thoughts:

Out of all the banks in the Czech Republic, we recommend Komercni Banka (KB) and ČSOB for being easy and efficient. And as a bonus tip, remember to close your bank account if you’re leaving the country after your studies. Happy banking, and enjoy your time in the Czech Republic! 🤑🌟


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